Vigil to commemorate the abduction of the Panchen Lama 17/05/2016.

Tibetan Community members gathered infront of Brisbane City on Tuesday 17/5 @ 4-6pm, candle light vigil for missing 11th Panchen Lama of Tibet

21 years since his forced disappearance, Tibetan have not given up hope that His Holiness the Panchen Lama will one day be safely reunited with the Tibetan people’s. Please join the candle light vigil today at 4pm, King Geroge square station with Queensland Tibetan community.

Visual representation of the abduction of the Panchen Lama and Chinese replacement with a fake. Queensland Tibetan Community would like to convey our hearty thanks to all the supporters who joined the candle light vigil in person or in spirit. It won’t happen without your supports. Thank you for everything you do for Tibet and the Tibetan people.



The Tibetan Community Queensland Inc. (TCQ) was established in 2006 and registered on 18th August 2006 under the Associations Incorporations Act 1981. The TCQ is a local community organisation representing the interests of Tibetans residing in Queensland, Australia.

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