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Tibetan Losar (New Year) Dinner 2014

The Tibetan Community of Qld celebrated Tibetan New Year – Year of the Wood Horse 2141 –  on 1st March 2014.

It was a great chance to promote Tibetan culture as well as fundraise for some new traditional costumes for the community.

Many of our long time friends and supporters joined us for a delicious meal prepared by our community members, as well as singing, dancing and raffle prizes.

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The Flame of Truth in Queensland, Australia

Flame of Truth torch walk and rally Brisbane, QLD, Australia, 24th to 30th 

September 2012:


Press release in Dharamsala

Press release in Dharamsala

Since the brutal Chinese communist policies inside Tibet the situation of Tibetans has worsened. Particularly since 2008 the situation was so desperate that many Tibetans set themselves on fire in search of basic human rights. In Solidiarity with the Tibetans inside Tibet the Centranl Tibetan Administration or the Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile launched the worldwide Flame of Truth Relay on 6 July 2012.

The flame arrived at the Brisbane airport on Monday 24th September from Hobart, Tasmania, accompanied by the president of the Tasmanian Community Tenzin Sangmo. There were around twenty people including Tibetans and supporters gathered to receive the flame at the airport.

Community Treasurer receiving the flame

Tibetan community and Australia Tibet Council (Brisbane) receiving the flame…

Signature Collection: 

SONY DSC SONY DSCSome of our dedicated community members collected signatures from the general public. The signatures will be  submited to the United  Nation Organisation. We thank to all the people who have signed and shown their support for the Tibet issue.


SONY DSCOn Saturday 29th September around 80 people met at Reddacliffe Place, Brisbane city, Queensland at around 10 am in the morning. TCQ treasurer, Lobsang Dolma, made a short speech welcoming Geshe Jamyang (from Chenrezig Institute), who was the flame bearer, and all the supporters joining in on the walk.



SONY DSCThe walk, which took approximately an hour and fifteen minutes, passed   through the main streets of Brisbane city and into Fortitude Valley where we marched past China Town and the main Brunswick St Mall, and past the crowded Saturday Valley Markets. The walk down Brunswick St to New Farm Park led us to our final destination of New Farm Park where the crowds gathered for a local soccer event and weddings saw the beautiful sight of Tibetan national flags flying and bright easy to read signs with messages alerting people to reasons for the Flame of Truth march.

As the participants walked to the gathering point in the park, a few supporters who could not make the walk greeted them with applause as they walked past them and it was a lovely way to end the walk. The participants sat in the shade to rest for a few minutes. The Queensland Green senator Larissa Waters arrived and the official program began. All the participants sang the Tibetan National anthem and recited the Word of Truth prayer in Tibetan.



Green Senator Larissa Waters giving a talk

Lesley Dimmock, Convener of the QLD branch of the ATC, opened the official speeches and invited Lobsang Dolma to speak.

Lobsang Dolma and Geshe Jamyang presented a small gi

ft to thank Larrissa Waters for her long time support for the Tibet cause. She shared her stories of recent visit to Dharmsala and all the people she met and places she visited. The Australian Greens have always been strong supporters of the Tibet cause. Larissa encouraged the participants to continue putting pressure on all political parties to ensure Tibet is not forgotten by politicians. She also thanked the Tibetan community, ATC and all the Tibet supporters for the on going work and

support they have given to the Tibetan cause and gratefully accepted the Katha and the gift.

Larissa and her family joined us for a community barbeque put on by the Tibetan community and it was a lovely way to end the day.

Flame Departure:

The following day on Sunday 30th September, TCQ member Lobsang Tenzin accompanied the flame to Adelaide, South Australia for the next leg of the FOT journey.

Palden Choetso’s self-immolation video surfaces in exile

Phayul[Monday, November 21, 2011 12:06]

DHARAMSHALA, November 21: Powerful new footages of Tibetan nun Palden Choetso’s self-immolation on November 3 in Tawu, eastern Tibet and protests by thousands of Tibetans following her death have been smuggled out of Tibet.

One of the clips shows Palden Choetso, the 35-year-old nun from Geden Choeling Nunnery in Tawu, standing upright near a busy street with her entire body engulfed in flames. In the short clip (viewer discretion is advised), Palden Choetso is seen standing still without showing any signs of physical pain as Tibetans at the background can be heard offering prayers to the Dalai Lama.

A woman dressed in chuba (Tibetan tradition dress) walks up to Palden Choetso’s burning body and throws a khatak (Tibetan white scarf).

In a press statement at the release of the footages, Tenzin Dorjee, Executive Director of Students for a Free Tibet said that Tibetans everywhere are passing through an “extremely difficult time.”

“This footage shows not only the desperation but also the determination of Tibetans to fight for their freedom at any cost,” Dorjee said.

Another clip shows a group of nuns leading a protest following Palden Choetso’s self-immolation. In their cries of pain and agony, the nuns could be heard calling Tibet’s freedom.

In another clip, thousands of Tibetans are seen carrying out a candle light vigil early in the morning of Palden Choetso’s funeral on November 6. The Tibetans carrying candles could be seen waiting in long lines to offer their last respects to Palden Choetso.

In the release, Tawu Lobsang Jinpa, a former political prisoner from Tawu who escaped to India last February noted that the crackdown in Tawu continues with surveillance cameras monitoring every movement of the monks.

“Her ultimate act of nonviolent protest galvanised the entire community to openly and publicly offer their respects and solidarity in spite of China’s military clampdown in the region,” said Jinpa.

Since March this year, 11 Tibetans have set themselves ablaze protesting China’s occupation of Tibet and demanding the return of the Dalai Lama from exile.

In the release, Tenzin Jigdal, Program Director of SFT, India urged world leaders to “respond to the crisis” in Tibet with multilateral pressure on the Chinese government.

“The Tibetans in these videos have risked everything to have their voices heard. Their actions must be a wakeup call that China’s repression will only stop if the world intervenes now,” said Jigdal.

His Holiness Birthday Celebration at Langri Tangpa Center

In honour and celebration of the 76th Birthday of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet, Tenzin Gyatso, The Queensland Tibetan Community was host to a night to remember at the Langri Tangpa Dharma Center in Camp Hill.

On a beautiful clear winter night in Brisbane the Tibetan community and the Dharma Community joined forces and in the transcendental surroundings of Langri Tangpa Dharma Center. We shared delicious food, rare entertainment and delighted in each other’s company.

Like jewels, Tibetans came from all over Brisbane to organize the evening. It was lovely to see Tibetan people feeling confident and happy and regional costumes and it reinforced a sense that, here in our hearts Tibet remains always.

In the Gompa, Long Life Prayers, respect and prostrations were offered to His Holiness, on behalf of all, by the Tibetan Community.

Lobsang Lungtok spoke, acknowledging the traditional owners, welcoming guests and inviting supporters to register and become involved. He gave thanks to Miffi and Eddy and the volunteers for the venue. Lesley followed with a speech from the newly Kashag ( Tibetan government in exile), keeping us informed about recent developments in the Tibetan Government in Exile.

Then the program of entertainment within the beautiful Gompa of Langri Tangpa Center flowed out like a magic carpet taking us to other places. Tenzin Choegyal, local/international musician, (and cook), left the kitchen to sing his heart out for us and lift us well into outer space with his beautiful mantras and open heart. Mrs Tashi brought us to her home with her beautiful songs. Thinley gave his songs and played for us, and Kunchok gave us blossoms with his voice. The audience were entranced by the power and magic of it all. Then we took a break.

The kitchen was busy with food that had been lovingly hand prepared Tibetan’s kitchens all over Brisbane, a wonderful offering. People gathered around, sitting or standing with such company, food, music and dancing, what a joyous night. A chance to catch up with old friends and to make new ones, lots of kisses and hugs, children sweetening the air with the sound of their laughter, and even a little dharma group in the library for the small people thanks to Bronwyn.

After our intermission, we crowded once more into the Gompa and the raffle prizes were drawn. Many happy winners went home with unique handmade items and lovely things from Tibet.

Then the Dancers took the floor to share regional circle dancing; a tradition that is bonding and enhancing of community life, allowing a chance to feel each other’s support, experience each other’s weaknesses and strengths, to lead and to follow in unison, to each feel one’s part in the web of life. The community’s beautiful example of give and take, humour, joy and dance was an inspiration to watch. This led to an outpouring of joy when all stood up to take part in a very, very big, double circle dance. It was great fun to see people, inexperienced but so willing and happy to try the steps and move to the moves. I have never seen so many, so willing to participate completely. Good, clean, wholesome fun was had by all and much misery was most certainly dispelled.

All too soon it seemed it was time to stack the chairs, return the gravity to the gompa and say goodnight to all our friends, but I think I speak for everyone when I say “I can’t wait till next year’s Birthday Party”. Again we will generate bliss and love to dedicate to the long life of His Holiness Tenzin Gyatso and to wish that he remains as long as space to dispel the misery of the world.
(Reported by Carol Khan)